This is the public directory of our ongoing internal projects. This space is used as the public knowledge repository for the project, as we believe in being transparent in what we are working on.

If you are interested in joining or finding out about an existing project, please go to the project page below. Each project is likely to have a private collaborative space that you will need to join to find out more or contribute to, and you can find the link to join a project's Slack or Whatsapp chat group in their project page below. If you have a new idea, or are already working on something related and would like to collaborate with us, or would like us to tackle an issue not listed below, please contact me at and we can chat! We welcome new ideas and partnerships!

To join us as a member and participate in any project, please sign up at

There are four views: Stage view (organised by project stage), Gallery View (organised by newest project on top), and Volunteer Needs (organised by skills that might be helpful to the team lead for this stage of the project), and Issues view (organised by social domain areas).

Public List of Projects

SG Quarantine Explained

Project Guide (reference) - Project Guide

Alternative Links to the Project Guide for download:

Idea validation template (Notion theme)

WHO ARE WE is a fast-growing non-profit, volunteer-run organisation that drives techforgood in Singapore. We address societal problems with digital tools. We are an inclusive and multidisciplinary team, and our well-structured modular virtual process allows busy talents from non-technical (dreamers, disruptors, do-ers) and technical (designers, developers, data scientists) backgrounds to collaborate to understand social problems, identify areas where tech can help, and build and launch our tools.


Anyone can join. We have three ways you can help:

  1. dreaming of and developing internal projects,
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